Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haeundae Area Jjimjilbang Overview

In this post, I will give you an overview of 6 saunas and jjimjilbang in the Haeundae, Jung-dong, and Jangsan area of Busan.  I'm looking for ratings, and comments about these places as I haven't been able to go to all of them yet.
This map link below will show the whole area with all places tagged.  (The individual map links below will show a zoomed-in view of each building.)

Map of Haeundae area spas

1. Vesta Sauna & Resort (베스타 사우나 & 리조트)

Excellent spa on Dalmaji Hill just north of Haeundae Beach.  A bit off the beaten path, but once you see it you won't regret the walk.
부산 해운대구 중동 1509-6
Map of Vesta Resort Haeundae

2. Haeundae Oncheon Center (해운대 온천센터)
Well-traveled, nice place to stay near the beach.  No ice room, but otherwise well-equipped.  Super convenient location between beach and Sfunz/Haeundae Station.
부산 해운대구 중동 1378-18
Map of Haeundae Oncheon Center

3. Rodeo Jjimjil Town (로데오찜질타운)
You can find this place near the Rodeo Outlet shopping area south of the Jung-dong subway station.
부산 해운대구 중동 1775-7 해운대비치아울렛 401호
Map of Rodeo Jjimjil Town Haeundae

4. Beach Leisure-Tel Jjimjilbang (비치레저텔해수이온찜질방)
This one is quite a ways up the beach, past Paradise Hotel.  If you will be in this area, or if everywhere else is full, it will serve it's purpose though.  It is next to the ferry terminal for harbor tours and overlooks the beach and sea.  I'll have to visit on a nice day and check out the view!
부산 해운대구 중1동 957-2
Map of Beach Leisure-Tel Jjimjilbang Haeundae

5. Haeundae Leisure (해운대 레저)
This looks to be a really nice place spanning 3 floors (5th -7th) of the Sejong World Plaza.  It's conveniently located just outside the Jangsan subway station, exit 3 or 5.  It is next to Primus Theatre, and across from 2001 Outlet and Cinus Theatre.
부산 해운대구 좌동 1479-3 세종월드프라자 5, 6, 7층
Map of Haeundae Leisure/ Sejong World Plaza Building

6. Daeha Ga-jok Gungang Land (대하가족건강랜드)
To get to this place, use exit 10 from Jangsan subway station.  Just walk straight a few minutes to the 5-way intersection.  It will be on your right, before you cross the intersection.  Users on Naver give this sauna a high rating and it covers 3 floors in the building.  Seems to me like this may be a good alternative to the busy Haeundae Leisure at Jangsan.
부산 해운대구 좌동 1461-4 대하프라자 9-12층
Map of 대하가족건강랜드

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