Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busan, Millak-dong - Gwang An Haesuworld

This nice place is tucked away near the coast, north of the Gwangali Beach area but, unfortunately, a long walk from the subway (Gwangan station or Millak station will do). The good news is, it's right outside the Gwangan Amusement Park, Mi World. Bus number 210 will bring you right by the building and 38, 62, and 108 also come along one main street (closer than the subway line), stopping on this side of the Suyeong 2 Bridge. Find it here, or in the center of the wikimap below.

It is a full sauna and jjimjilbang with a swimming pool for the kid in you. (Or the kids you bring!) Expect a good experience at this large facility, though most of the sleeping areas are pretty warm. There is a lovely view of the sea out the windows; you can even see the beach and Gwangali Bridge from the jjimjilbang main area. The bathing area has large windows to bring in the daylight, though they are on the city-side of the building.

Their website shows interactive maps of the floors so you can click around to see pictures and get an idea of what to expect. My favorite place was the yellow soil room on the 4th floor (황토볼 황열정): there's seating around the curved window with a view to the bridge and you can sink your feet into small, warm, clay balls (sit down on them if you like).

Overall, a nice place to relax and escape the city. Because it's near Gwangali, you may find a lot of people sleeping here on Friday or Saturday nights, or during events in the area. Users on Naver rate this spa 8.0/10.0, and I'd be inclined to agree. ^^

부산 수영구 민락동 110-14번지
Busan, Suyeong-gu, Millak-dong, 110-14
Open 24 Hours

Sauna : Adults 7,000   Children 4,000
Sauna/Swimming pool : Adults 12,000   Children 10,000
Just the pool : Adults 10,000   Children 10,000

Add Jjimjilbang : Adults 2,000 extra   Children 1,000 extra *
* I think this is right.  It wasn't very clear on their website... ㅠ.ㅠ

Wikimapia of Gwangan Haesuworld


  1. Do you know of any jjimjilbangs on the other side of the city? Near Busan Station or City Hall or Sasang?

  2. Well, you've asked about a wide area there! I searched for some highly rated places and have a few recommendations just based on the reviews and photos. These three are very large, nice looking places. (There were a few others around Sasang, Seomyeon and Yeonsan which got mediocre ratings.)

    개금워터캐슬사우나찜질방 Gaegeum Water Castle Sauna-Jjimjilbang -Gaegeum (Take subway line 2 to Gaegeum stn, exit 5. Walk up the hill to the second set of stoplights and turn right at this large intersection - in front of Daesung-yae Sik-jang. Then take the first left and you'll see it up the hill on your left.)

    스파캐슬 Spa Castle -Deokcheon (Take line 2 to Gunam subway stop exit 1, just walk straight ahead ~5 minutes and you'll see it on the right. Close to Gupo Hyundai Apart bldg 102.)

    송도해수피아 Songdo Haesu Pia -Songdo (Take subway line 1 to Nampo-dong exit 1, walk straight ahead to get bus lines 30, 26, 9, or 9-1)

  3. Sonja, do you suppose they have monthly rates here in Gwangali?

  4. You know, I searched all over their website and can't find anything specific. I am not in Korea so I cannot go over there to check but if you ask next time you go please post up what you find out. I would assume that yes, they would have monthly rates given that there's a swimming pool here and that it's one of the biggest and nicest ones in town, but again can't be sure. Sorry :)

  5. Sonja, do you know any sauna open 24 hours for customer? I want to try the experience of wondering around the sauna until late night. And what the name for the eggs and juice they always have in the sauna? Tq =)

    1. I have listed the hours or put "24 hours" on all the saunas I have reviewed. It's in the general info near the end of each post.
      As for the roasted eggs, you can just ask for go-oon ke-ran (구운계란). The juice you mean might be shik-hae (식헤), which is the sweet rice drink. You should also try the mi-soo-kah-roo (미숫가루)- most delicious shake-like drink made from powdered beans & grains and sweetened with honey.

  6. Hi Sonja,

    Do you know of any 24 hour spa in Nopo-dong area?
    Thanks in advance!!
    Going to arrive at Incheon late night (~2300) then would be taking night bus from Seoul to Busan Nopo-dong...

    1. Sorry for the late reply- I hope this is still helpful. There are a couple near Beomeosa station, just one subway stop in from Nopo. Sahae Sauna looks to be nice, and it's the easiest to find. Out of exit 1, make your 4th right. You'll see the sign just ahead. (It's across from Namsan Heights Apart, that's a good taxi landmark.)

  7. Hi. Would like to ask if you can see the Gwangan Bridge from the Sauna? Thanks!

  8. Hi Sonja

    I'm struggling to find information - maybe you could help? Do you know of any jjimjilbangs near Dadaepo beach? I would really appreciate any ideas! :)

    1. I searched for you and there is a large one just up from the main beach entrance, then left behind the Busan Bank. It's called Mamos Sauna, but also known as Haebyeon (Beach) Sauna. It looks nice enough, but is not 24 hours.
      There's another, Sanho Sauna, directly facing the beach above a gamjatang place by Caffe Bene, but that is also not 24 hours. I called a few more places and it seems none of the sauna or jjimjilbang in the area are open overnight. Sorry if that's what you were looking for!