Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chungcheonbuk-do, Suanbo-myeon - Suanbo Oncheon (Hot Spring)

Suanbo is a large tourist spot in North Chungcheong province known for it's hot spring bathing and skiing. There are many hotels and activities in this area, and it's restaurants specialize in rabbit, duck, and pheasant meals. This is a beautiful place to be during the cherry blossom season in springtime or of course in fall or winter when you're looking for a nice outdoor warm-up. With fall coming soon, I thought I'd introduce you to the Suanbo Hot Spring area.

In fact, I'm just in time to tell you about the annual Hot Spring Festival! It's held each year in the fall, while the weather is perfect for both enjoying time outdoors and warming up in the evening in a nice hot bath.

  • Event Name: 2010 Korea Great Hot Spring Festival
  • Event Dates: October 6th (Wed) ~ 10th (Sun), 2010 (5 days)
  • Ceremony locations: 
    • First event space - Suanbo Mul-tang Park 
    • Second event space - Angseong Hot Spring (Oncheon) Plaza
  • 축제명 : 2010 대한민국온천대축제
  • 축제일정 : 2010.10.6일(수)~10.10일(일) 5일간
  • 개최장소
    • 제 1 행사장-수안보 물탕공원 
    • 제 2 행사장 - 앙성온천광장
Click here for more information on the festival.

The only problem is that Suanbo is a bit tricky to get to if you aren't driving. It's not near any of the rail lines I would say the best way to get here would be to reach Daejeon (from the west/south-west), Jochiwon (from the north), or even Andong (from the south-east) by train, then get a bus to Suanbo. This is because I'm just not sure how often a more direct bus route may be available from many parts of the country. If you're coming from Gyeonggi Province or near Seoul, it's possible there is a bus directly to Suanbo.

I'll be visiting this spa area for the first time during the Hot Spring Festival. Hope to see you there!

충북 충주시 수안보면 온천리 191-1번지

Wikimapia of Suanbo Hot Spring Area

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Large map of detailed Suanbo area, showing many hotels and hot springs, as well as the Multang Park (English & Korean labels)