Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greenvill Jjimjilbang & Sauna - Banwoldang, Jung Gu, Daegu

In my search for new jjimjilbang I found a nice place conveniently located just outside of the Banwoldang subway stop (transfer) in downtown Daegu. The staff were helpful and spoke a bit of English, even put my extra baggage behind the counter for safekeeping since it wouldn't fit in the locker!

As you exit the subway at gate 1, you'll see the Samjung Greencore Apartments (삼정 그린코어) and a sign for the Greenvill Jjimjilbang entrance.

This sauna is clean and warm, with the usual hot, cold, and warm baths and showers. The jjimjilbang is also standard; central TV area, ice room, a few hot dome shaped rooms, and the cafe/restaurant. It's definitely nice enough, and has separate sleeping rooms for men and women. The DVD room is a good, dark place to relax as well.

To be honest, I only stayed over here one night and have been unable to find their website, if they even have one. As a result, I am unable to quote all the current costs. Daum had the most information and Naver only has a weak listing. There is one review on Daum in which a person rated her experience as only 1/5 stars. It seems she had an isolated bad experience there with some man last year. Strange things happen to everyone once in a while.

I stayed again on my most recent trip to Daegu, and I'll tell you guys this. I'd spend the money, time & effort to sleep just about anywhere else.  When I entered I got 2 discount tickets reducing the rate from 7,000 per night to 6,000 and even that didn't get me to come back. Firstly, I was reminded how most rooms are just too warm for me to sleep comfortably. Then I noticed the lack of sleeping mats... that's right - you have to pay an additional 500 won (~$0.50) for a blankets (really just a large tightly-woven towel). This is the only thing you can get to sleep on or under, and it's not enough. And, a small thing, but all the showers are just one fixed temperature... a decently warm one, but still, only one.

It's an alright jjimjilbang for a day visit, but, don't sleep here unless you want to wake sweaty and stiff & sore.

대구 중구 남산2동 665번지
Daegu, Jung-gu, Namsan-2-dong 665
Open 24 Hours

Jjimjilbang Adult: 7,000

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