Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boseong, Yulpo Beach - Yulpo Haesu Nokchatang *Green Tea Bath*

This one is a little secret on the coast just south of Boseong. If you want to see some green in Korea, you must visit the green tea fields (녹차밭 "Nokcha Baht") near Boseong. Then you can take the same city bus farther south to Yulpo beach. The beach was on the small side, a bit grey and full of shells. Maybe not so good for swimming, but then again, I was there in May - before bikini season had begun. It looks from the skyview map that there is a small waterpark on the beach now so you may not even have to get sandy if you don't want to!

Anyway, on to the sauna. Just a sauna, you and your opposite-sexed traveling companions will need to spend a bit of time apart to enjoy this place. It's reasonably priced and incredibly well located. As you enter, you can choose your own locker (some are worn) then head into the baths. Shower off all the sand and sweat, then hop in.

There's a nice, bathwater temp saltwater tub just beyond the ice tub, also saltwater. (You'll likely think it's too cold, but after spending as much time as you can stand steeping in the green tea bath, it will feel great!) The tea was around 41*C when I was there. But I enjoyed going back and forth between green tea and ice water, and I also used a towel soaked in cold water to chill my face.

I saw many women rubbing the green tea foam on their face, so I suppose it's good for your skin. The green tea and warm tubs are on the ocean-side of the building, and the walls are tub-to-ceiling glass so you can steam away while staring out at the receding tide. Sooooo relaxing!

Enjoy the pretty tea fields and various green tea products, and cap it off with a soak, my kittens!

전라남도 보성군 회천면 동율리 678 (율포해수욕장)
Jeollanam Do, Boseong Gu, Hoecheon Myeon, Dong Yulri #678 (Yulpo Beach Area)
Open 6:00 - 20:00 Daily

Adults: 6,000 won
Kids (7 and under): 4,000 won
Seniors (over 65): 4,000 won

Water Park (low season / high season)
Adults: 20,000 / 25,000 won
Kids & Seniors: 15,000 / 20,000 won

(Groups of 20+ can enter the waterpark or sauna at discounted rates)

Yulpo Pool/Waterpark & Haesu Nokchatang website

Wikimap of Yulpo Green Tea Spa

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