Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seoul, Ja-yang Dong - Happy Day Spa

Another Happy Day jjimjilbang. I found this one while searching for more resources to add to my previous post, Hongdae - Happy Day Jjimjilbang. This spa is located near Gu-eui subway station on Line 2. Take exit 4 and turn right at the first large intersection you arrive at (Jayang Sageori / 자양사거리). After walking about 10 min (~800 meters) you pass the Jayang Apartments (자양아파트) on your right, then you'll see the sauna on your left just ahead.

This 7-story sauna looks equally as nice as the one in Hongdae, certainly with greater space and more services to offer. Firstly, it boasts 365 days (which is not unusual for saunas) of excellent services that include fitness and an indoor screen golf system with pose clinic.

Hinoki wood bath found both in men's and women's saunas

The basement contains a Chinese medicine tea shop. In the main saunas there are Mediterranean-style mineral water baths, a ginseng tub, steam saunas, and a special hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood bath. I didn't know before that these wood baths have a sterilizing effect on the water - interesting! In the jjimjil area, you can relax in various hot and ice rooms as usual, or enjoy the yellow-soil and charcoal kilns. The rooftop is also the site of various aqua-therapy facilities. Closed until further notice.
7th floor: Foot wailing sauna Aqua-therapy baths Closed until further notice

서울시 광진구 자양동 685번지
Seoul, Gwang-jin Gu, Ja-yang Dong 685
Open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year

Rates: 6,000 won - If you arrive between 5am & 8pm
8,000 won - If you arrive between 8pm & 5am
There is also a 1,000 won deposit for robes.
(This cost covers 15 hours from the time you arrive, instead of the usual 12.)

Parking rates: 1,000 won for the first 4 hours
Additional 1,000 per hour for every hour after that

Wikimap of Happy Day Spa


  1. Hello and thanks for the tip! I'll be going to seoul in 3 weeks time and I am going to pay a loooong visit here. I'll post a message afterwards! Is it safe for women?

  2. Oh, yes! Generally, saunas and jjimjilbang are very safe. I think you'll find Koreans to be very kind and considerate in most ways. I hope you have a great time here (looking forward to your later message) and don't worry about safety - just think about planning a nice trip^^

  3. Dear Sonja,

    I found this under your fitness centers tag. Does this jjimjilbang or any other you know in Seoul have any weights machines or free weights?

    I'm trying to find somewhere in Seoul where I can sleep, then workout in the AM and shower. If there's just an empty fitness room that's okay too I guess. Better than doing pushups in the shower haha.

  4. Yes, this spas fitness center would definitely your needs. Unfortunately, their website has been down for some time so I can't check the exact facilities, but I'm confident that stating they have a fitness center would include at the very least a few machines and a stretching room, if not free weights or more advanced equipment.

    Also, Yongsan's Dragon Hill Spa has a VERY well-equipped fitness club called "Manhattan." I can confirm they have many machines, free weights, rooms, and classes to match any fitness need!
    *(The web link is for the Korean site, but just click on the picture in the middle that says "FITNESS" and you can see more photos at the bottom of that page.)

  5. Hello!

    I would just like to say that the rooftop part of this jjimjilbang is closed. I found that out when I visited the place earlier this summer. Without the rooftop area, it is not in any way a special place worthy of travelling any distance to reach....

  6. Oh, no! I'd agree that the rooftop is really the special draw of this place. Do you know if it's just temporary (remodeling or something??) or if it's permanently gone?