Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boryeong Mud Festival Sauna Accommodations

Well, my search has revealed only one sauna (no jjimjilbang) in the area of Daecheon Beach. Haesu Sauna is very near the main beach entrance but has little information listed anywhere on the internet. From the map, it looks to be a big building but I'm not sure if there are any sleeping rooms available there.

I'm sorry ~ I wish I had better news for all you spa lovers. It would be an excellent way to save money during the festival, as the motels and minbak can be more than double their regular rates. My best advice for now would be to get yourself a minbak room. After all the sun and sand you could check out this sauna for a little rinse-down then go out walking around/drinking/eating until dawn as others will. Anyway, with a minbak or motel room, you'll have somewhere to leave your bag.

I'll be attending the Boryeong mud festival on the second weekend (July 17th - 18th) so at that time I'll update this post with more information with details of the Haesu Sauna. Until then, if you have any information about good motels or minbak, and especially about a sauna or jjimjilbang, please comment on this post.


  1. Did you ever end up making it to the sauna here?

  2. Wow, good question. I hadn't realized so much time has passed since I posted this one! Sorry to you and anyone else who's looking for info on this sauna. I didn't in fact get a chance to visit this one. The weather was really horrible during last year's mud festival, my minbak was in a different area, and I didn't venture out much. Sorry about this, perhaps this summer I'll do better~ (>.<)