Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lingo

It occurred to me during the radio show I did recently that I could do to provide you all with a list of words and phrases commonly used in the sauna. I will put the English meaning first, then the Korean characters, lastly my best spelling in Roman characters for pronunciation.

Please keep in mind that there are standard romanizations but not everyone sticks to them and they may be different from what I provide, so if you see rominized Korean printed somewhere it may be slightly different. (Such as the spelling of jjimjilbang/zzimzilbang, jeon/jun, Busan/Pusan, and so on. A special note is that "u" really shouldn't be used since it could sould like either "eo" or "oo" but it's often used anyway.)

         English term           Korean term-Hangul         Pronunciation
bath tang
room 방, 실 bang, shil
men / men's~ 남자 / 남~ nam-ja / nam~
women / women's~ 여자 / 여~ yeo-ja / yeo~
bathing area 사우나 sa-oo-na
resting/clothed area (room) 찜질(방) jjim-jil (bang)
hot (bath) 열(탕) yeol (tang)
warm (bath) 온(탕) ohn (long /o/) (tang)
cold (bath) 냉(탕) neng (tang)
bathroom 화장실 hwa-jang-shil
resting area휴게실hyoo-gae-shil
traditional kiln sweating cave/room 불가마 bool-ga-ma
sleeping room 수면실 soo-myeon-shil
entrance 입구 ip goo
the way to the~ ~가는 길 ~ga neun gil

towel 수건 soo-geon
outfit for resting area 찜질복 jjim-jil-bok
key / locker key 열쇠 / 로커 키 yeol-sway / lo-kuh kee
shampoo 샴푸, 세발 sham-puh, sae-bal
conditioner 린스 rin-suh
soap 비누 bee-noo
toothpaste 치약 chee-yahk

body scrub 세신 sae-shin
cucumber* 오이 o-ee
massage 마사지 ma-sa-jee
oil massage 오일마사지 o-eel ma-sa-jee
aromatherapy massage 아로마마사지 a-ro-ma ma-sa-jee
foot / back massage 발 / 등 마사지 bal / deung ma-sa-jee
*Cucumber facial often accompanies the body scrub service for a small additional charge. It's totally worth it!

yellow soil (loess) room 황토방 hwang-to-bang
charcoal room 숯방 / 참숯방 soot-bang / cham-soot-bang
salt room 소금방 so-geum bang
jewelry room 보석방 bo-seok bang
ice room 아이스방 / 어름방 i-ee-suh bang / uh-reum-bang
forest room산림욕방san-lim-yok bang
pine room소나무방so-na-moo bang
oxygen room 산소방san-so bang
artemesia (mugwort) bath쑥 탕sook tang
waterfall (massaging) bath폭포 탕pok-po tang
event* bath이벤트 탕ee-ben-tuh tang
*Event baths often feature a special herbal or mineral additive in the water.

Here's a link for some basic Korean phrases if you want more.

As always, if you have a request for further information or know something I've left out, please leave a comment below. Finally, I'm not perfect~ if I've made any mistakes in the above info, feel free to help me out!^^

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