Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joong-ang Haesu (Sea) Land - Yongho-dong, Busan

First off, it's pretty cute that this place translates 해수 into "Sea" in their name. I mostly notice places call themselves "Haesu World" or "Haesu Land" or whatever. But it does mean "sea" so there you go.

Secondly, the location is great. I've had this place on my radar for the past couple months but haven't had the opportunity to visit until recently. It's just up the road from Bukyung and Kyungsung Universities so it's not only conveniently & centrally located, but also excellent for a quick sleep after the bars!

You can reach this sauna by a cheap taxi from Namcheon or Kyungsung subway stations or by bus (lines 20, 22, 24, 27, 39, 131 stop just out front at Yongmoon Middle School). The Sea Land is right across from LG Metrocity building 107.

Inside the sauna you'll find a seated half-bath, a hinoki (Japanese-style therapeutic wood) bath,  along with mugwort (artemisia), lemon, and the signature sea-water bath. There are also beautifully decorated dry and humid sauna rooms which are great for warming up and keeping your skin supple.

Then there is the spacious jjimjilbang which includes a large main room on both the 3rd & 4th floors, charcoal room, a stalactite cave, a wood-paneled forest room, snack corner/juice bar, and yellow soil standard & sleeping rooms. The sleeping rooms are located up on the 4th floor along with the PC room, movie theater, restaurant, skin & nail care, and sports massage.

Basically, this spa has every bath & room you could want and is well worth a visit.

부산 남구 용호1동 170
Busan, Namgu, Yongho-1-dong #170
Open 24 Hours


Children (up to 7)
6,000 원
4,000 원
Jjimjilbang & Sauna
8,000 원
6,000 원

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