Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pohang, Buk-gu, Jangsung-dong - Pohang Oncheon

I was overnight in Pohang recently before my trip to Ulleung Island - 울릉도 - and took the chance to find a local hot spot. After dinner and some drinks with a friend, I headed up to see what this large oncheon had to offer. It was just an overnight with an early morning, but it was a nice one. I'd highly recommend anyone spending time around Bukbu Beach in Pohang to check out this place. It is large, clean, with all the usual amenities for a very usual price.

Unfortunately, they don't have a website and there's very little information on the internet about this spa. I'll leave you with the couple photos I tracked down, directions & a map, and a teensy bit of info.

Pohang Oncheon is North from Bukbu Beach, it's only a short taxi ride, or you can get the bus numbers 108 or 109 from the rest of the city to the south.

경북 포항시 북구 장성동 1518-1번지
Gyeongsanbuk-do, Pohang, Buk-gu, Jangsung-dong 1518-1
Open 24 Hours

Seems to be 4,000 for adults / 3,000 for children
(I can't remember exactly how much I paid!)

Wikimapia of Pohang Oncheon

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  1. I recently visited this place (thank you for your post!) last weekend, but I came after midnight, so I can't give much feedback. I paid 7,000W (probably because it was after a certain time) and I don't think that included the bathing area (they didn't give me a towel). Make sure you get a shoe locker first (it wasn't just me, other Korean people didn't realize that first too) before going to pay. Since I didn't use the bath area, I explored a little bit but then went to the sleeping area and crashed a bit and then got up, lay in a sauna and then left around 9am. Hope this helps someone hahah And it was an okay place, I liked it well enough at 1am in the morning :)