Monday, December 10, 2012

Onyang Oncheon, Asan - Asan Spavis

Info courtesy of guest reviewer Cami

This is a huge water park/hot springs, but I only visited the hot springs park. Admission is 8000 w for the hot springs only, but quite a bit more expensive for the rest of the facility (33-39,000 depending on season/day of week). I got there at around 8 am, and it was very quiet, there were only 3-4 other people in the sauna. By the time I left around 11, buses of schoolkids and older ladies had arrived and it was quite crowded! 

The locker rooms are massive, and plenty big. There are a ton of showers, but I found them sort of cold. The baths here are great- hot tub, huge warm tub, laying down massage tub, some sort of massage tub with many strong jets and bars hanging over it (I didn't quite figure out the bars, do you hang on them?), there are ginseng and green tea baths, a really hot steam sauna, and 2 dry saunas, one with a TV inside! There is also a stone area to rest on, which feels great. The outdoor part is nice, too, with a hot hinoki and a cold bath. The water is great hot springs water, your body will feel very nice after soaking in it.

The whole facility is very clean and well maintained, my only complaint was no food at all available.There was one vending machine with canned drinks, but that was it.  Since there is no jjimjilbang, you must get all the way dressed to go out to the on-site restaurant, and since normally water-park restaurants aren't very good, I just decided to leave. If there had been some food or snacks, I would have stayed longer! 

Near the entrance to Asan Spavis is a great Kalbitang restaurant. I went alone, so I didn't grill meat, but it looked good, too. 

8 am - 8 pm Mon~Fri
7 am - 9 pm Sat~Sun

Sauna only 
Adults: 8,000  /  Children: 6,000
Spa & Sauna (dependent on season)
Adults: 33,000 ~ 39,000  /  Children: 24,000 ~ 29,000
(Also according to their website, admission is 50% off if you enter after 4 pm!)

충남 아산시 음봉면 신수리 288-6
Chungcheon Nam-do, Asan-si, Eumbong-myun, Sin su ri 288-6
Phone: 041-539-2000


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  2. Sauna are the place place to relax. and health benefit also.

  3. Great to know about that these recreation resorts excists.Never knew that such kind of beautifull resorts are there. Massage Chairs can be a great addition to that.