Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Asan-Onyang Oncheon - Asan Oncheon Hotel

Info courtesy of guest reviewer Cami. 

This is a really new hotel, with the hot springs sauna in the basement. At first I thought it must be small, but it is huge! It is right across the street from Asan Spavis. The admission is only 6,000 won, making this a big bargain! The locker rooms are clean and the lockers are big, full-length ones, nice if you are carrying a big backpack. 

Inside there are lots of showers, and the hot springs is huge. It has a central warm tub, hot tub and lavender tub. In the corner is another warm tub, along the sides are a great waterfall cold tub and a sun tan spot next to the floor to ceiling windows. The whole sauna area is gorgeous and bright. There is also a dry sauna, and a super hot (too hot for me!) steam sauna. Outside is the nicest outdoor bath I have ever seen, with real trees (not fake ones!) and real birds singing. There are 2 rocky pools, one warm and one cold, and a hot hinoki bath out here. I spent a long time outside, it was great listening to the birds, and it even snowed while I was there. The locker rooms and baths are constantly being tidied, so it is very clean, probably the cleanest sauna I have ever been in. There were a lot of people there, but the place is so big it doesn't feel crowded.

One nice touch is the ondol-floor resting area with a TV in the locker room, its a nice place to have a snack and relax between soaks. There isn't food, but the locker room attendants will go to the snack bar outside (so you don't have to get dressed!) and get you iced green tea, shikae rice drink, etc.

6 am - 8 pm Sun~Fri
6 am - 9 pm Sat
Adults: 7,000 (hotel guests 5,000) /  Children (7 and under): 5,000
충남 아산시 음봉면 아산온천로 217-7
Chungcheon Nam-do, Asan-si, Eumbong-myun, Asan Oncheon-ro 217-7
Phone: 041-541-5526

Wikimapia of New Asan Oncheon Hotel

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