Monday, May 18, 2009

Busan, Songjeong Beach - Songjeong Haesurak (송정해수락 )

(© 2014 Sonja Jean Photography)

This jjimjilbang was my first FAVORITE out of all the jjimjil's and saunas I'd been to in Korea, and that's saying a lot. This particular one is huge, beautiful, and has all the amenities you could ask for. First advantage is it's amazing location right on a great beach in Busan. (For those of you who don't know, Songjeong Beach is less than 10 min north of Haeundae by taxi, and is cleaner and much quieter. It's lovely.) When you walk along Songjeong beach, head to the north end (towards the left if you're facing the ocean, towards the point with the little park/historic site Jukdo). You'll be able to see Haesurak just up the hill from the beach through a few winding alleys. It's a wide, yellow building that's easily visible in the area. You can get there through the seemingly direct but winding alleys, or you could walk up to the end of the beach, veer left at the 3-way intersection, then within 5 min walking you'll find the front of the building on your left.

(2009) North section of Songjeong Beach. Haesurak Jjimjilbang is circled.

(2009) You can see the yellow building here in the middle of the photo.

The sauna area is striking, as the walls are nearly all tiled or decorated with stones. My favorite tub is a moderately cool one with a massaging waterfall. If you head outside the wet areas, Haesurak has many types of rooms (including special ones like Gold Room and O2 Room), and their ice room is the most beautiful one I've seen. There are gender-segregated and mixed sleeping areas, all of which are far from the main areas and TV's, secluded and quiet.

(© 2014 Sonja Jean Photography)

There is a library, PC room, singing rooms, movie-screening room, cafe, foot massage machines, and the typical hot, moderate, and cool relaxation rooms spread over 3 floors. Each of these rooms are cleanly decorated or beautifully tiled along the walls. On the top floor, there's a nice open-air garden and smoking area, with a fish pond which overlooks the beach. (Gorgeous sunsets!)

부산광역시 해운대구 송정동 265
Busan, Haeundae Gu, Songjeong Dong 265
Open 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Costs (according to their website, may be out of date):
Sauna only 
Adults: 4,000 won / Kids: 3,000 won
Sauna & Jjimjilbang
4am ~ 9pm (day use) : Adults:  6,500 won / Kids: 4,000 won
9pm ~ 4am (overnight use) : Adults:  8,000 won / Kids: 5,000 won
*Kids= 6 and under

Wikimap of this location

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