Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Posting Guidelines

The title of a post should be as follows:
City (or province "xxx-do"), Neighborhood ("xxx-gu," "xxx-dong,") - Name of facility if known
Example: Daegu (대구), Dalseo-Gu (달서구), Yongsan-dong (용산동) - ABC Sauna (ABC 사우나)

Each post should include whatever information you can find, such as:

  • Your impression of the place (VERY important!)
  • Address, in English or Korean*
  • Directions on how to get there by subway, bus, walking, driving, whatever.
  • Phone Number
  • Website, blog, or cafe address
  • Photos, or links to photos
  • Wikimap with tagged building**
* If the address is given in Korean, you can just copy and paste it into Naver Maps (네이버 지도) and it gives you the location.

** Anyone can tag a building. If you know exactly where it is, but don't know the address, this is perfect. Just tag the building, put the name, a quick note, then copy and paste the link. It automatically forwards the next user to the exact map you were on when you copied the link.)

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