Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Welcome to all you searching for jjimjilbang or saunas in Korea. I am just a simple English teacher with over 2 years in the country behind me (as of 2009), but I recently got the inspiration to share what little knowledge I have with you. Also, I encourage you to share your knowledge with me and others via this blog. I'm just beginning to compile information such as wikimaps, photos, addresses, and basic bits and bops about the saunas I've attended and over the next few weeks I hope to get this site whipped into shape for you.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find this blog useful to you in your travels.


  1. Love the concept.
    I remember my trips to various jimjil Bangs with fondness.
    The most beautiful of which was a Jimjil Bang at the Muju ski resort. It had an outdoor section where you could sit in a scalding hot spa while it was snowing.
    That and a mega Jimjil in Bundang were among the best places I ever went to in Korea.

    If I ever find the details for either place I'll be sure to write a little review.


    Oh, and swing by Roark's Sporks to check out the group photoblog I'm involved with.

    1. Where is the mega Jimjil in Bundang? I live in Sunae-dong.

    2. In my search, I found a place called Mega Health just outside of Moran station in Sung-nam dong. Out exit 4, just a short walk south. It's listed as a health club but probably has a jjimjil inside. Good luck :)

    3. please give me exact addrees i am near jeongja station

  2. Should you be shaving (legs, arms, private areas) before going to the Saunas? Or is it acceptable/normal to not shave?

    What is the norm?

  3. No, there are no norms for hair, um... management! It is totally acceptable to not be shaven. I can say that you should NOT shave while in the shower area there since it seems a bit uncouth. I've never seen anyone doing it either, which is a good indicator.

    As for shaving before you go, sure, or don't. Most Koreans don't shave their pubic areas, but if you do it won't be an issue. As far as legs, I'm sure whatever you do normally is going to be fine.

  4. I always shave before I go- which makes no sense, but there it is. I haven't seen anyone shave at the sauna, so I just don't. They usually sell razors but women use them on calloused feet, not for hair! In my experience, Koreans don't shave, but they do seem to have less body hair than I do (white girl), if I didn't shave...well heck, I don't want to think about it, but it wouldn't be pretty. I hope that isn't TMI, but these are the things people really wonder about! No one seems to notice all the various hair/hairless bodies, along with scars, etc. Its just bodies. My husband hasn't been self-conscious on the men's side either, and he's hairy even for an American.

    With all the skin scrubbing going on, there are little grey bits of skin all over, so I don't quite get why that is grosser than shaved hair going down the drain, but I still haven't ever shaved at the sauna!